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Engineering and Manufacturing (STEM)

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Isle of Man specific information:

The Isle of Man has a small but thriving engineering and manufacturing sector for over 70 years, employing a highly skilled workforce of 1,300.

The history of the Island shows many years of innovation in engineering and manufacturing, and now is predominantly an exporter of low volume, high value, niche products for a broad range of markets including; energy, aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, medical, pharmaceuticals and consumer products.

When considered as a single entity, the Isle of Man Engineering and Manufacturing sector is able to provide design and manufactured solutions with a reputation for ‘one stop shop capability’ and access to the key supply chains both in the UK and overseas. The Isle of Man is proud to say that the Engineering and Manufacturing Industry is partner to virtually every major civil and military aerospace project in the world today.

The Isle of Man Government and Industry is committed to the promotion and investment in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills and promoting STEM related careers.

The Island is committed to educating and developing the future of the sector through its STEM programmes, working into every school on the island; developing skills, improving awareness of the sector and the opportunities and skills needed for employment

The Isle of Man Government has invested in the Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre for engineering students, furnished with industry standard equipment, it offers full time courses developed in collaboration with industry to meet the skills needs of the Engineering and manufacturing sector within the Isle of Man.

For further details visit IOM Aerospace Cluster

Examples on the Isle of Man include; RLC Ronaldsway Strix, Swagelok, Triumph Group, Kiartys, Manx Precision Optics and Expleo Group.

Isle of Man Employers who support Employment and Skills Events:

Engineering IOM


RLC Ronaldsway

Triumph Actuation Systems IOM Ltd


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