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Around 1200 students aged between 15 -18 years old attended the event earlier this month to explore the opportunities open to them in the future through undertaking mini interviews with employers from a diverse range of employment sectors, including engineering and digital technology, healthcare, creative industries, uniformed services and finance.

Through these conversations young people also developed further their understanding of the importance of broad, transferable employability skills in all types of employment, as well the reality of real people's career journeys.


Manx Radio supported the #learningforlife social media campaign on the day and the interesting, and sometimes unusual, paths that employers shared can be viewed on their Facebook page here

DESC Employability and Careers Framework


The aims of this framework are:

- to support the Island’s commitment to life long learning from when children start Primary school into, and through, adulthood.

- to support schools and UCM in delivering key aspects of employability and careers education that will enable learners at different stages and ages to make informed choices about the next steps in their learning and lives.

It is based on 4 key principles:

1. Learner focused but supportive of wider systems

2. Incorporates a golden thread of unifying ‘Lifelong Learning Skills Language’

3. Grows individual’s awareness of self and opportunity

4. Supports access to an entitlement offer around Employability and Careers education for all learners

Isle of Man Learning Pathways and Careers Education Provision


Please note that the above captures Island, not individual school, provision and is subject to ongoing changes and development work across schools and UCM.

Downloadable version here: