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Important information about exams for Year 11 and 13 Summer 2021

All GCSE, IGCSE, A Level, I A Level and BTEC Level 1,2 3 examinations have now been cancelled in IOM schools during the Summer Term 2021 and grades will instead be determined by schools for students completing their courses in Year 11 and 13. This is part of the national picture across the United Kingdom, as well as many other countries around the world, and is the result of the impact of the Covid-19 global pandemic on education systems.

Different Examination Boards will refer to these grades using different terms (Centre Determined Grades, School Assessed Grades or Teacher Assessed Grades) but the processes used to award grades will be similar to ensure that grading is fair.

Schools, as Examination Centres, will determine evidence-based grades under the rules specified by the different Examination Boards they work with. Examination Boards (as the Awarding Bodies) will check these grades once they have been submitted by undertaking moderation processes across their centres. Examination Boards will then award these moderated grades to students during an early August results period.

If you are a student in Year 11 or 13, keep doing your best with the work that your teachers set you, and please remember you are not the only one in this position. Your subject teachers will be able to give you more information about the pieces of work they will use to support grading as more detail is released by Examination Boards over the coming weeks.

The links below may help answer some questions about the system this year.

Year 11 Summer 2021 Frequently Asked Questions

Year 13 Summer 2021 Frequently Asked Questions

Year 10 and 12 Summer 2021


What now?

Once again this year is proving to be challenging and uncertain. Staff right across the Isle of Man Education Service are working hard to ensure that you will have a positive way forward. Right now you need to start to put things in place and think about the next possible steps towards YOUR future.


Everyone faces decisions at different times in their lives. There are many options to help you to make the most of your future. For some, career pathways are straightforward, for others not so much. Career routes are different for each of us; follow the pathway which you think will suit YOU best. You can start to take control of shaping your future by thinking about all you have to offer right now. Understanding and focusing on your skills, your experiences, your knowledge and your qualities will help you to understand what you're good at, what your strengths are and how you can use your experiences in the future. This link will help you to think about your own set of unique abilities and characteristics that will bring you success in the world of work in the future.

Future School Leavers

If you are a going to be a school leaver in 2021 and you are not sure of what to do next these links will help you to think about your options at 16 and options at 18. If you are thinking about going to sixth form, find out more information directly from the schools; BHS , CRHS , QEII , RGS and SNHS .There are also a range of different further and higher education courses offered at UCM .

If you would like to find a job after leaving school these pages can help you to start thinking about how to go about applying for jobs. If you are completing your record of achievement before leaving education, this document will help you think about all of your achievements in preparation for the next phase of your life.


Explore all of your options freely at this stage. Planning and keeping an open mind to different choices, creates opportunity and increases success in reaching goals. Having a plan in place, helps to put your thoughts in order. Rather than worry about different scenarios you can consider different options and plan carefully for different outcomes.

Remember to

  • be realistic about what you will achieve at school
  • think about the other skills and experiences you have that may help you take positive next steps
  • base your decision on factors that are important to you
  • think through other options as an alternative
  • keep in mind, there may be more than one route to reach your goal

Take action

Try this National Careers Week five minutes of Positivity Activity to help you to think about your strengths and skills. If you would like some help with your plans please contact one of the Careers Team - Kerry email: or Andy email:


Investigate, explore, keep an open mind.

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