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The buzz quiz

The buzz quiz is based on ideas created by the famous psychologists, Carl Jung and adapted by Myers-Briggs. Just as we prefer our left or right hand, we have developed our own unique personality traits. Some of us are talkative and sociable, some quiet and reserved, others can adapt these traits depending on the circumstances.

All of these personality traits in the right circumstances can complement each other. The trick is to know ourselves, understanding ourselves helps us to build positive relationships with others and make the right decisions at the right time.

The buzz quiz takes five minutes to complete online and the information can help you to think about your preferences when considering career options.The icould website also has lots of useful videos about different types of jobs.Try it here Buzz Quiz.


Job Jackpot

Within one company alone there are a range of different jobs to choose from depending on the type of the industry you choose to work within. Start by choosing a set period of time – an hour, a day, or even a week. The idea is to explore, how you can make an informed decision without knowing about the opportunities?

Estimate how many jobs you’ll come into contact with during that time.

Make a note when you see someone doing a job – for example, ambulance driver, surveyor, swimming instructor.

When your time’s up, compare your final score to that of your earlier guess.

How accurate was your estimate?

Are there any surprises on your list? Did you discover a job that you’ve never thought about before or that’s new to you? Is there anything you want to find out more about?

A good place to try this is when you complete work experience how many different people do you come into contact with who all do different jobs within the same company.

Explore, investigate, compare.

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