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Subjects, Interests and Career choices

Start with the obvious path between subjects and jobs – maths to financial services, English to Author, Sciences to medicine. Next, try thinking more broadly. What connections can you make with your subject and areas of work? Maths, could lead to roles in engineering, computer science or science. English, could lead to roles in law, politics and media.

What general skills do you need for your studies? For history, key skills include research, developing an argument, and presenting your ideas in clear and logical way. Such abilities could lead to careers in politics, law or journalism. Bear in mind that the skills you develop in different subjects can be used across different types of careers.

Finally, try to pinpoint what exactly you like about your favourite subjects and what parts of other subjects you enjoy. Is there a topic or project that really stands out?

Draw up a brief list and use this as a starting point to explore possible careers.

You can find out about subjects linked to different careers using icould.


Skillsometer can also help you discover what jobs you might like to do in the future based on the activities you enjoy doing both in and outside of school.

Create a me map

You can now organise the information about you by creating a 'me map'.

Take a blank sheet of paper and jot down all the the things you know about yourself. You may want to divide the page into columns, create a mind map or a spider diagram, draw pictures or make a collage – just choose a format that suits you.

You could even create a board on Pinterest or make a digital scrapbook. Include anything that appeals to you such as school subjects, hobbies or interests, issues, TV programmes, companies\organisations, products, and people you admire. You could include your character traits – what are your top qualities? What makes you – YOU?!

Start to look for patterns and themes. What connections are there between the items on your map? Does anything spark ideas? Can you see any links with possible job areas? Think about next steps. Is there a particular job type you can research? Continue to add your Me Map, or after a period of time create a new one. Repeat the steps above and see where your ideas lead…

Explore, investigate, compare

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