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How and where can I access LMI information?

Local Information

Even though you live on the island, you may not necessarily know about the different types of employment areas available. provides information about some of the sectors that are in demand locally including engineering, healthcare, teaching, ICT, accountancy, finance and professional services.

Whilst you may not be seeking work immediately, it may be helpful to investigate the different jobs sectors which are available locally and the types of qualifications, skills and experience that employers are seeking. It is worth exploring the different areas of employment, if you think you would like to stay on island and eventually find work. Specific school leaver vacancies and apprenticeship opportunities are usually advertised in the spring term, explore opportunities for work on the Isle of Man using the JobCentre and JobTrain websites.

Engineering IOM provides information about qualifications and routes into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) roles and links to most recent job vacancies within these areas.

LoveTech are a group of business women on the island who work in Science, Technology, Engineering roles on the Island, there are some brilliant case studies on their website about women who work in these roles and what pathway they took to get there.

The IOM Arts Council have an online artist directory that provides inspirational profiles about people who work within the local, thriving creative industries. Construction IOM provides information about the local construction industry, there are links to jobs and case studies about people who work in construction.

University College IOM provides information about all the different types of apprenticeships, further and higher education opportunities on the Island.



Icould is a useful source of quantitative and qualitative information, you can watch short videos about people doing jobs in different sectors. Data is provided about the growth of the job you are interested in and how much you would get paid. Icould is a useful tool if you want to explore how your school subjects could link to work in the future.

Access the start profile as a guest user to find out about different industry insights, within this section each industry links to job profiles within that sector and provides detailed information about the skills, interests and preferences required for different jobs. This information includes where the most jobs, in your area of interest, are located in different areas of the UK, this can be helpful when considering which university to attend. Explore career ideas by using this UCAS tool to search for job roles using different job families, subjects and skills.

LMI for all is an online portal that provides up to date, accurate information that relates to the labour market in the UK. Careerometer can be used to explore and compare key information about occupations, help you learn about different occupations and identify potential careers. It provides access to a selection of UK headline data relating to pay, weekly hours of work and future employment prospects for different occupations, as well as description of the occupation. Search for the job you are interested in using the careerometer and your results will look something like this graphic.


Degree courses

If you are thinking that you would like to stay on island and complete a degree find out about higher education at UCM. If you are considering that you would like to go to university in the UK, when you are in the second year of your level 3 studies you will probably apply through UCAS; if you are not sure which subject to study or which university course, UCAS can help you to access information about how to choose the right course, what and where to study useful tools for finding out about different subjects at degree level and checking the entry requirements.

Prospects is a good source of information to give you some ideas of what types of jobs you could do with your degree subject and provides insights into job industry sectors. What do graduates do surveys first degree graduate destinations providing insights and analysis into the graduate labour market. If you have a subject or two in mind it can be helpful to consider the potential growth, skills shortages and graduate destinations after graduating.

If you are thinking about going to university and coming back to the Island to live you can find out about graduate opportunities and the Isle of Man graduate fair, it is worth attending this event before your final year of study if possible, providing you with the chance to network with employers who are recruiting and find out about local opportunities.

Research and compare your ideas

  • Is the sector you are considering an area of growth?
  • How do your interests, personality fit?
  • How will you apply your skills and strengths to the role?
  • What strengths and skills will you need to develop?
  • What are the pros and cons of the job?
  • What does the job really involve?
  • What skills and qualifications are employers looking for?
  • What are the working times and hours?
  • Is it likely that you can achieve the entry requirements?
  • Do you need further study or training for this type of work?

Explore, investigate, compare