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Code of Ethics

DESC Isle of Man Careers Advisors are Level 6 qualified practitioners in the delivery of careers education and guidance and regularly attend continuing professional development activities. Careers Advisors are professional members of the Careers Development Institute and work within a code of ethics.

The code of ethics is a guide to good practise when delivering a consistent, professional standard of service to all of our students.


  • Accessible – careers co-ordinators or tutors can refer for guidance, students also have the opportunity to self-refer through form teachers.
  • Accountable – our guidance is integrated into the school/departments programme and careers education framework. Our client is both the individual student and the Department who we work for.
  • Autonomy – we aim to enable students to be able to make realistic decisions and learn new skills so they can continue to manage their own career journey.
  • Competent & Professional – Our Careers Advisors are qualified and attend regular conferences, updates and training as part of their continuing professional development.
  • Confidentiality – At the start of a guidance interview we set out who we are and the scope of our interaction.Students are in control of the subject matter; they can discuss what they wish in a confidential setting while the careers professional will guide the process.
  • Duty of care - we respect the privacy of students, disclosing confidential information only with informed consent, except where there is clear evidence of risk to the student or welfare of others. We will inform students of the limits of confidentiality and data sharing at the outset.
  • Equality – service provision will aim to offer all students a guidance interview by the end of Key Stage 4, some students will be offered additional support to reflect the diversity of student need.
  • Impartial – we will ensue that objective reasoning takes priority over pressure from others as to the best outcome for an individual student including debunking myths about the best route for their continued education.
  • Justice – all students will have access to the service and the opportunity to request an appointment
  • Transparent – students will be made aware of what to expect and should feel that their thoughts feelings are being listened to in a patient welcoming and friendly environment
  • Early access to personal Guidance around Careers for vulnerable groups where transition into further education or employment may present additional challenges

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