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Example Cover Letter

When applying for a job with a CV, you should also include a covering letter. Remember to read through the job advert or job description carefully and target your letter at the job you are applying for.

You should draw together the evidence as to why you are a suitable candidate for the job. Remember to:

  • State the Job you are applying for and give a reference number if there is one
  • Show you understand what the job involves and, if possible, reflect your knowledge of the organisation you are sending it to
  • Give reasons why you are applying for the job
  • Target your skills and achievements to the organisations requirements.
  • Your cover letter is targeted, if you have paid attention to the job advertisement.
  • Highlight the qualifications, skills and experience the employer is looking for and match those as near as possible in your cover letter.
  • Say why you are a suitable candidate for the job rather than what you hope to gain from the employer
  • Say when you will be available for interview

This example provides you with an idea of how to layout the letter professionally and the type of content to include Example Cover Letter

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