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Application Forms

An application form is sometimes used instead of a C.V. or a cover letter, however some companies require you to attach your C.V. along with your form. An application form aids employers with identifying what your written communication skills are like as well as making it easier for them to pick out the key details.


  • Take some copies of the application form so that if you make a mistake then you have a spare.
  • Read very carefully through the instructions on the application form as you may be asked to use block capitals throughout.
  • Always use black or blue ink when filling in your form.
  • Make sure that you have the correct form.
  • Use positive language and examples of your experience.
  • Use additional sheets if you run out of room for your qualifications & make reference to this on your application form.
  • Check that the skills you have entered match those set out in the job advertisement.
  • Make sure that you have entered your personal details, education & qualification details along with your career & reference details.
  • Sign & date your application form.
  • Ask for a reference from those that you know will have something positive to say about you.
  • Check before you send your application form off that all the details & dates are correct.
  • Take your time when filling in the form & proof read what you have written.
  • Take a photocopy of the finished form so you can refer to your answers before your interview.


  • Leave any sections blank. If sections are not relevant to you then put ‘not applicable’.
  • Put someone down as a referee without asking permission beforehand.
  • Cross out any mistakes. If you make a mistake, fill in a new form.
  • Leave employment gaps.
  • Use a family member as a referee.
  • Post your form too late as you will risk missing the closing date.

When filling in the details of your referees you may also be asked to provide details on how long you have known them for and your relationship with them. You should have a character reference & / or an employment reference.

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