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Isle of Man Guidelines Accessing Entry Level Qualifications

Entry Level courses can be accessed through UCM for post 16 learners. Entry Level courses offered by UCM include:

  • Essential Skills
  • Numeracy
  • Literacy

Minimum requirement for Entry Level study

Evidence of having undertaken learning through engaging with a KS4 curriculum.


All potential entrants for entry level study will be interviewed by UCM with the processes adopted designed to assess individual student’s suitability for entry level qualifications in particular subjects.

Interview processes for entry level study will typically include reference to the following:

  • Attendance
  • Punctuality
  • Attitude to learning
  • Onward pathways
  • Self Motivation/Commitment to study in and out of school
  • The Employability/Learning skills highlighted in Year 11 ROA Personal Statements(ie Teamworking, Communication, Problem Solving, Self Awareness, Ability to Learn, Resilience) will also form an integral part of this interview process and students attending interviews for courses should bring with them their completed Record of Achievement (and their statement of results if the interview is after results days)
  • Specific skills related to the course applied for


Some students applying entry level courseswill have had exam access arrangements in place during KS4 in line with school provision to accommodate their Special Educational Need (eg Dyslexia, ASC, ADHD etc)

It is important that during any interview for entry level courses that UCM Student Services is made aware of this by the student so that their learning requirements can be discussed (including what the student knows works well for them as an independent learner) so appropriate arrangements can be considered prior to the student starting their course.

Access arrangements may be different for entry level study because of the nature of these courses and students may need to be re-assessed for exam access arrangement at the start of their post 16 studies.

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