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The JobCentre

This information has been provided by the Isle of Man Government JobCentre. The JobCentre has vacancies for all types of work and the vacancies change quite frequently so it's worth visiting regularly. The staff can offer support and advice when seeking employment. Check out the JobCentre vacancy pages.

The JobCentre provides support for people who are seeking employment. This service is available for all those on the Isle of Man who need help. The staff are professionally qualified advisers who are able to give guidance on local opportunities, educational routes, and training. They can also help with updating CVs, filling in application forms, and focus you on the right areas of work.

Where to look for work

Vacancies within Isle of Man Government can be found using this Job Train.


Many jobs are advertised in local Newspapers, which include the Courier (free paper), Examiner and Independent. The Isle of Man Newspaper website provides advertised positions.

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies usually work in two ways. They employ and pay you while you work on a contract they have with an employer, or they fill a vacancy for an employer who will then employ you directly. These vacancies can be permanent or temporary and there are agencies which specialise in specific occupational areas.

It's not unusual for 'temps' to find full time work through agencies. Employers may well treat a temporary contract as a 'probationary' period. Of course for some employers and employees alike, temporary contracts give them both flexibility.

A list of local recruitment agencies can be found here.

Employer Premises

Many employers still have vacancy boards on their premises. Large stores such as food retailers and DIY companies use internal notice boards as these are seen by thousands of customers, and there is often no need to go to the expense of advertising as suitable applicants can be attracted through these notices.

It is also common practice for these types of companies, whose staff continually changes, to provide application forms even when they have no vacancies. Ask at customer service desks.

Company websites

Many Employers and Employment Agencies advertise their vacancies online through different types of social media linking to their websites and in some cases applications may be made on-line. If you know the sector you would like to work within for example accountancy or construction search company career pages to source vacancies.

Most web sites are well marketed through search engines, so a search there is a must. Do a little reading on how to make the best use of each engine and how to combine words effectively. It will save time if you make specific searches for, say, specialist occupations, rather than trawling through hundreds of thousands of general search results. If you are aware of the sector you are interested in working for, for example, accountancy, law or information technology check out the career pages on potential employer websites.

Social Media

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are super useful in your job search. Social Media is an increasingly popular method to find talent because employers can target audiences, reach more applicants than usual recruitment methods. On the Isle of Man there are a number of groups and pages related to finding a job, recruiters and local employers regularly advertise their vacancies on these pages.

Remember it’s all about how to network correctly, make connections and edit your social media profiles so that potential new employers connect with you in a positive way.

Recruiters will search through networking sites. Because of this, you must keep your profiles up to date with all your work experience and skills. Make sure you’re available for recruiters to contact you. You never know, you may land your dream job on a social media platform.

Plan - Your Search, Get Organised

To make the best of your job search you need to concentrate on the above, plan your search and plan the time you spend in the visible and hidden job markets. The more that you put into your job search in terms of research, time, effort and planning the more likely you are to succeed in finding those vacancies. When searching for a job you will usually apply for a number of different vacancies depending on your qualifications, skills and experience. Keep a record of the jobs that you have applied for, along with the application you made, so you can be prepared when you get invited in for an interview.

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