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Support with next steps for Year 13 School Leavers Summer 2021

Higher Education

Year 13 school leavers who have applied for undergraduate courses starting Autumn 2021 can keep updated on funding for these courses by following the links on the Student Awards homepage This page is updated regularly and is a good source of information including:

Student Awards Timeline Overview

Parent/Contributors Frequently Asked Questions Information

Preparing for the Student Award Application Process 21/22

Tuition Fee Loan Repayment Information

Guide to disabled student support for higher education 21/22

As well as providing support through the whole grants process over the Summer, the Student Awards Team can also assist with individual appointments if students need any help in completing the application form, or have any specific queries about their circumstances.

or by calling 685822.

Applications for the 2021/22 Academic year should be available from the end of May.



Once you have applied through UCAS, you can keep up with your application progress via UCAS Track..

If you have received no offers from universities you have applied to, (or if you are a late applicant), you may want to look at UCASExtra. UCAS Extra is a free service that allows you to continue applying for higher education courses in the upcoming academic year up till results come out.

On results day you will know if you have the grades you require to get onto the course you applied for. If at this stage you find you do not have a place, you will likely want to use UCAS clearing. Clearing is how unis and colleges fill any places they still have on their courses. From 5 July – 19 October, you can apply for a course using Clearing if you're not already holding an offer from a university or college, and the course still has places. NB if on results day you don’t get your first choice of university place but have the grades for your second choice, you will be expected to take up this place. If you decide you no longer want to attend this course (or if you did much better than you thought and think you could do better than your first choice), you will need to contact the university and be released from any ‘obligation’ to attend as a ‘contract’ will be in place. Be aware however that some top universities do not advertise places via clearing and that by giving up a place to use clearing, you may end up without a place this year.

Employment Options

The employment market has changed on the Isle of Man since the start of the global pandemic with more competition for roles and fewer entry level jobs although this is beginning to change as the economy recovers.

School leavers seeking employment (either temporary or permanent) at the end of Key Stage 5 may wish to update their Year 11 Record of Achievement Personal Statement using a Record Achievement lite document available here On the Signposts website there are also documents that help in structuring CVs, Letters of Application and prepare for different types of interview.

Local advertised employment roles

Many local employment roles are advertised through the Job Centre and these Careers Advisers work closely with the DESC Careers Team. Job Centre staff can provide advice around eligibility for unemployment benefits. Unemployed 18 year olds may be entitled to Job Seekers Allowance or other benefits. Roles advertised by the Job Centre may be full or part-time, temporary or permanent. Often people applying for a role through the Job Centre will have to sign up to the employment agency linked to the advert for the role to progress their application.

The Finding Employment area on the Signposts website contains a number of resources and links that would support the exploration of employment opportunities by a school leaver including how to write a cover letter, CV, types of interview and how to prepare for them as well as the Looking for a job which is an overview of where roles may be advertised locally.

Summer Internship Scheme Summer 2021

18 years +

The Department for Enterprise has launched the 2021 Manx Internship Programme, which provides short-term internship opportunities for students and other interested individuals looking for work experience across different industries and sectors of the Manx economy. Details of the programme and an online application form can be found here

Potential interns – why take part in the internship programme?

  • Gain valuable experience in the workplace, building soft skills and knowledge in your chosen area.
  • Develop professional connections in the Isle of Man.
  • Explore pathways to careers and give yourself a competitive edge in the recruitment market.
  • Receive a monthly wage equivalent to the National Living Wage under this Programme, which as at May 2021 is £10.19 per hour.
  • Internship placements will be up to 35 hours per week lasting for an average of eight weeks.

Manx Restart scheme

The Manx Restart Scheme has been developed as part of the Government’s Economic Recovery Programme to help individuals on the Isle of Man who have been unemployed for three months or more, and to support businesses who wish to grow and take on new staff.

Paragon Recruitment, a local recruitment agency has been selected to administer and co-ordinate The Scheme and match individual applicants with the jobs made available by participating Employers. They will also support applicants with a review of their qualifications and employability skills (as highlighted in the applicant’s Record of Achievement personal statement) and preparation for any interviews with potential employers that they are selected to attend.

Paragon Recruitment will match Employers with potential Employees. Where an Employer chooses to take on an Employee via The Scheme on an open ended or fixed term contract for not less than 52 weeks, the employer must pay at least the national minimum wage(NMW) for the employee.

As of November 2020, the National Minimum Wage for those aged 18 and over is £8.25/hour for those aged 16/17 it is £6.15/hour.

To qualify as an Employee, a person must;

  • Make an application to the Manx Restart Scheme and accept they have read and understood the terms of the scheme and the online guidance;
  • be resident in the Isle of Man;
  • be aged 16 years or over but below state pension age;
  • have been unemployed* for at least 3 months immediately prior to being employed by the employer (though this condition can be waived by Treasury in exceptional circumstances);
  • not be a close relative** of the Employer if the Employer is an unincorporated company.

*Note the employee does not need to have been getting social security benefits during the period of unemployment.

Further information about how to apply for the Manx Restart scheme can be found here

Results Days and Summer Signposts

IOM Secondary schools will be running results days as usual during Summer 2021. What this will mean is that Year 13 students will be able to access Cambridge Assessment International results via a secure individual login provided to them by their school on the 10th August prior to receiving the remainder of their results face to face in school on the same day where staff will be on hand to support next steps of students.

Schools, as examination centres, will provide details of their own specific arrangements for results days Summer 2021 directly to students and their parents including details of logins.


On results day, Andrew McKinley, Careers Advisor will be available at QEII High School on his mobile phone/email and will deal with enquires from QEII, SNHS and UCM regarding students who need signposting to the Careers Service.


Telephone: 471314

Kerry Moir, Careers Advisor will be available at BHS High School on her mobile phone/email and will deal with students from BHS, CRHS and RGS in a similar way.


Telephone: 338530

Andrew and Kerry will continue to work as a team and with Job Centre Staff/UCM staff to help address particular needs highlighted by school leavers in order to support positive destinations.

In addition, DESC Careers Adviser interviews and advice are available throughout the Summer from 10th August until the 25th August at different venues across the Island on set days/times as part of the Summer Signposts Careers Team support. Further details below:


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Assessment information Year 13 Summer 2021

All GCSE, IGCSE, A Level, I A Level and BTEC Level 1,2 3 examinations were cancelled in IOM schools during the Summer Term 2021 and grades were determined by schools for students completing their courses in Year 11 and 13. This is part of the national picture across the United Kingdom, as well as m…

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