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Support with next steps for Year 11 School Leavers Summer 2022

Year 11 Record of Achievement

All Year 11 Students normally complete a Record of Achievement prior to the completion of compulsory schooling at 16. This document is important as it will support a young person’s transition into further education, training or the world of work. Being able to give specific examples of opportunities they have had to develop broad transferable employability skills such as Teamworking, Problem Solving, Communication, Ability to Learn, Resilience and Self Awareness will support school leavers when applying for further education or an employment role.

If for any reason a Year 11 student has not been able to complete their full Year 11 Record of Achievement or they are a school leaver seeking employment at the end of Key Stage 5 there is a Record Achievement lite document available here


Further Education Options are available to Year 11 Leavers Summer 2022 through either school sixth forms or UCM

School sixth forms are open catchment meaning that providing learners meet the entry requirements for study at the school at Level 3 they can apply to any school sixth form.

IOM Secondary schools offer mainly A Level courses with some technical qualification courses such as BTECs. UCM offers some A Level courses, and a wide range of technical and vocational qualification courses at different levels linked to local employment sectors.

Guidelines for entry on to Level 3 courses in the sixth form of schools or UCM can be found here at this link on the DESC Signposts website.

There are also guidelines on the DESC Signposts website for entry on to Level 2, Level 1 and entry level further education courses at UCM.

These guidelines are a good starting point when you are thinking of your next steps in education post 16.

Details of different courses offered by Island Secondary schools and UCM post 16 can be found by following the links to the schools/UCM websites from the DESC Signposts website here

Application process for Further Education

Applications for school sixth forms should be made directly to the school.

Applications for all UCM full-time courses are now online and are managed by a Central Admissions Team (part of Student Experience and Pastoral Support Team). Guidance as to how to apply for full time UCM courses is on the website here along with application deadlines

Specific enquiries from students to the UCM Central Admissions Team should be made via

Information on support for students with Additional Educational Needs including how to access Transition Support can be found here

Students attending UCM or school sixth form interviews are advised to bring their Record of Achievement with them as they will form part of the interview process.


Many local employment roles advertised through the Job Centre who also have a Careers Team who can provide advice around eligibility for unemployment benefits.

The Finding Employment area on the Signposts website contains a number of resources and links that would support the exploration of employment opportunities by a school leaver including how to write a cover letter, CV, types of interview and how to prepare for them as well as the Looking for a job which is an overview of where roles may be advertised locally.


Results Days and Summer Signposts

IOM Secondary schools will be running results days as usual during Summer 2022. What this will mean is that Year 11 students will be able to access Cambridge Assessment International results via a secure individual login provided to them by their school on the 18th August prior to receiving the remainder of their results face to face in school on the 25th August where staff will be on hand to support next steps of students.

Schools, as examination centres, will provide details of their own specific arrangements for results days Summer 2022 directly to students and their parents including details of logins.

On Level 1/2 results days, Andrew McKinley, Careers Adviser will be available at Ballakermeen High School on his mobile phone/email and will deal with enquires from QEII, BHS, RGS and UCM regarding students who need signposting to the Careers Service.


Telephone: 471314

Helen Hillier, Careers Adviser will be available at St Ninian's High School on her mobile phone/email and will deal with students from SNHS and CRHS in a similar way.


Telephone: 236 194

Andrew and Helen will continue to work as a team and with Job Centre Staff/UCM staff to help address particular needs highlighted by school leavers in order to support positive destinations.

In addition, DESC Careers Adviser interviews and advice are available throughout the Summer from 18th August until the 2nd September (except the August Bank Holiday) at different venues across the Island on set days/times as part of the Summer Signposts Careers Team support. Details below:


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