A first step to YOUR future...

What could your future look like?

This is where you start to make the most of the rest of your life. The type of job you choose can have a significant effect on your future prospects.

What you can do after leaving education depends on things like what you would like to in the future, what kind of grades you’re likely to get, what you’re interested in and what kind of environment you want to learn in. Often, the choice is between sixth form (at your current school or somewhere new), college, an apprenticeship or employment.

icould is an online charity providing career ideas and information for young people. Free and simple to use, offers a real-life look at career choices. Helps draw links between school subjects and jobs. icould encourages discovery of opportunities that you may not have known about before. To find out about how your personality could link to potential job ideas try the buzz quiz on the icould website.

The Isle of Man provides a range of job opportunities, but you need to make sure the ones you consider offer training to develop your skills and abilities. That way you will be able to progress your career and the money you earn will increase as you gain expertise and responsibility.

If you are not sure what career is right for you, you could try using one of the following; Kudos (or Kudos AD for adults) available through the careers service website; What career could be right for me? These ‘interest guides’ are provided by Cascaid Ltd and are not owned or controlled by Isle of Man Government but could give an indication of the sort of careers you may find interesting or enjoyable.

Work your way through all of the questions thinking carefully about how much, or how little you enjoy the actions described. There will be some aspects of work that really don’t matter to you but try to be positive or negative if you can and also try to differentiate. i.e. would you like the activity described or would you really love it? Would you dislike an activity or would you detest it? Remember to answer broadly about the activity rather than giving an answer based on a job that comes to mind.

Please note this will be a UK database and some jobs may not be available on the island. Also, when you click on a job you will get information about that career including average pay qualifications needed and who to contact for further information.

While most Isle of Man companies/professions will require the same qualifications and sign up to the same professional bodies for overseeing that profession, for careers such as the civil service, you should contact Isle of Man government rather than the UK departments listed and for apprenticeships you should contact Department of Education Training services in the first instance rather than using any links from the database.

Give consideration to your future plans, the choices you make now can affect your whole way of life. If you would like some useful and free advice from career professionals check out the summer signposts page and drop into one of the advice hotspots.