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Employability skills are gained in education and training, part time employment, voluntary or charitable work, sports, extra curricular activities and hobbies. ‘Transferable’ means that they can be used across different types of ‘jobs’ and will help you to shine in future interviews for college, university or a job.


You have already started to gain transferable skills and you will continue to build them throughout your lifetime. Employment & Skills 2019 will help you to recognise your own abilities in team work, communication, self awareness, problem solving, ability to learn and resilience. These prompts will help you to think of examples of your own employability skills.

Employability Skills



Think about a time when you achieved something as part of a team and the role you played.


Think about a time when you have talked to others and managed to explain an idea or point well


Think about a time when you have made a mistake, thought about and changed your approach going forward.

Problem Solving

Think about a time when you found an answer to a new problem or issue.

Ability to learn

Think about a time when you learnt something new and how you approached it.


Think about a time when you have overcome a challenge or setback and have achieved something positive.

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