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Employment and Skills 2021 will help you to explore what you could do when you leave school, find out what qualifications you will need and talk to employers about their role within the company. Your mission is to carry out mini interviews with employers using the employer skills grid.

Many different employers from across the island will be at the event and they are looking forward to meeting you and talking to you about your future plans. This information will help you to plan your visit so that you can make the most of the time whilst you are there.

  • Download the map – find out which employers you would like to visit and where they are based
  • Pick two sectors of your choice to go and visit on the day
  • Pick at least one sector that you hadn’t thought about before (your Wild Card Career)
  • Find out where the skills hubs are going to be on the map
  • You can find out more about the employers who are going to be using the links below

Job sectors are areas of the economy that include various occupations.

When you visit E&S 2021 different employers will be based in sector zones.



IOM Society of Architects

Construction Isle of Man

Manx Gas

Manx Utilities

Love Tech



Engineering IOM

RLC Ronaldsway

Swagelok Ltd

Truimph Actuation Systems IOM Ltd

Redynez Digital Formation

Public Sector

Department of Education, Sport and Culture


Department for Enterprise

Keyll Darree

Department of Enterprise

The Royal College of Radiology

The Royal College of Pathology

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

IOM Public Service Careers


Financial Services Authority

ICSA: The Governance Institute

IOM Society of Chartered Accountants

Alliance of Isle of Man Compliance Professionals

Deloitt LLP

Armed Forces




Creative Industries

IOM Arts Council

Greenlight TV

Hospitality & Retail

Chamber of Commerce IOM


IOM Law Society

IOM Constabulary

Charitable Organisations

Junior Achievement

Other Services / Business

IOM Maritime

IOM Meats

Isle Learn

Manx National Farmers Union


University College IOM

Synnova - Hair & Beauty UCM

Skills Hubs – Recruitment Agencies

Paragon Recruitment

Search & Select

Use the employer skills grid card to help you to ask the employer questions and find out more about the sector. Don’t forget to drop into a skills hub to talk to find out more about your employability skills.

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